Various speaking engagements in recent years. Refer to www.linkedin.com/in/sven-harmsen-014463 for further details


Visiting lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter) for Document Management at “Master of Drug Regulatory Affairs” at University of Bonn 
February 2008 - today

Experience Exchange: Document management and regulatory publishing tools and systems
26th February 2014, London, Global eCTD Management 
More info at:  www.informa-ls.com/eCTD

Dokumentenmanagement für Regulatory Affairs
6. - 9. März 2014 , Universität Bonn - Master of Drug Regulatory Affairs
Weitere Informationen unter:  http://www.dgra.de

Regulatory Information Management, SME Breakfast Briefing
1st April 2014, Berlin
More info at:  www.informa-ls.com/RIM